COVID-19 Marketing Strategy

Are you being asked to do more with less this year? Need to make important budget and content decisions? The answers on where to start are in your analytics data.

We are helping businesses from various industries analyse and adapt their marketing strategies every day. We use this experience to provide best-practice guidance and can draw on the multiple data points within your business, conduct independent audits, and help you map a path forward.

These are some of the biggest questions being asked in business right now:

  • Do we pivot or hibernate?
  • What is our key message for customers now?
  • Who are our customers today?
  • Is this an opportunity for growing market share?
  • How should we adjust our marketing budget?

We offer end-to-end digital analytics and marketing support. Depending on your needs, Tactic Lab can help you assess the data points you have available, analyse and review website performance and advertising accounts, make recommendations and assist with hands-on implementation and adjustments.

Marketing analytics and customer data have never been as important as they will be for us this year. Like many others, our industry changed overnight and we had to act fast. Fortunately, we had another product we could pivot our marketing towards, but we needed to make sure we were doing what was best for all of our customers. Tactic Lab have been helping us assess different marketing scenarios and closely monitor the impact of the decisions we’ve been making.
Adam Van Rooijen

Head of Digital Marketing & Communications - Harlequin Books, HarperCollins Publishers Australia

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