In-House Teams

Tactic Lab’s know-how and services are easy to integrate with your in-house marketing team. We make a point to identify the skills make-up of your existing resources and our collaborative approach means you can utilise our services to meet your current deadlines, while proactively planning for internal upskilling and development. 

Whether you’re looking to outsource, or gradually build up in-house capability, Tactic Lab’s transparent, client-owned approach and training offerings can deliver a practical solution to your short and long-term needs.

Marketing analytics and customer data have never been as important as they will be for us this year. Like many others, our industry changed overnight and we had to act fast. Fortunately, we had another product we could pivot our marketing towards, but we needed to make sure we were doing what was best for all of our customers. Tactic Lab have been helping us assess different marketing scenarios and closely monitor the impact of the decisions we’ve been making.

Adam Van Rooijen, Head of Digital Marketing & Communications – Harlequin Books, HarperCollins Publishers Australia

Services include:

Holistic advice

  • Industry, platform and tactical advice
  • Prioritisation of marketing opportunities and projects
  • Reviewing broader considerations of marketing projects
  • Designing scalable account and tracking architectures
  • Resourcing recommendations and assistance for upskilling and/or large projects

Digital strategy

  • End-to-end strategy development
  • Strategy support, eg. defining an optimal mix of audience, content and delivery for defined objectives
  • Pre-launch peer-review and technical feedback on internal strategies
  • Post-launch strategy review and optimisation

Digital analytics

  • Reviewing of your existing digital analytics setup
  • Working with stakeholders to create an up-to-date and relevant measurement plan
  • Implementing a holistic and scalable analytics solution
  • Maintaining your analytics solution
  • Working with you and your legal/IT team to implement relevant privacy considerations

Reporting & automation

  • Designing and creating dashboards relevant to your role
  • Combining data from multiple marketing channels
  • Automating data collection
  • Advising on data visualisations and workflows to help you spot the relevant trends
  • Designing scalable reporting tools to suit multiple stakeholder priorities

Website optimisation & testing

  • Deep dive into your analytics data to find actionable recommendations for your marketing, content, website, usability or brand
  • Analysis can be in response to a specific business question or unguided (eg. how can I increase the number of users who complete action X on my website?)
  • Generating and implementing an A/B testing or website personalisation plan to improve conversion

Digital advertising (search, display, social)

  • Reviewing or creating a paid multi-channel strategy
  • Implementing scalable ad accounts for Google/YouTube, Microsoft/Bing, Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn and more
  • Ongoing account optimisation and maintenance
  • Implementation of automated process to improve performance at scale

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Developing, reviewing and/or implementing an SEO strategy for your brand
  • Working with your IT (if relevant) to spec and implement technical SEO improvements
  • Advising on off-site SEO, including working with your content/PR team to maximise the SEO benefit of each piece of content to your brand
  • Preserving SEO traffic/rankings throughout website and content changes
  • Specialising in onsite/technical SEO reviews that highlight valuable website content

Website planning, refreshes & migrations

  • Reviewing and validating the rationale(s) for a website refresh or new website – often the data says it’s much better not to refresh!
  • Identifying the risks that a website migration might pose to your SEO rankings, conversion rates etc, and how to mitigate them
  • Advising on how you can use the new website’s setup to simplify user journeys, as well as reduce your own maintenance
  • Working with your IT team to ensure continuity of marketing assets (tracking, SEO, user experience) from the old to the new website