Pacific Magazines achieve 830% ROI by using Google Smart Shopping campaigns

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Pacific Magazines achieve 830% ROI by using Google Smart Shopping campaigns


  • Google Shopping rev ▲668%
  • Visibility ▲91%
  • CPA ▼20%
  • ROAS 830%


  • Boost sales in the lead up to Mother’s Day 2020
  • Increase online visibility and presence
  • Keep cost per acquisition (CPA) low
  • Capture market share of surging demand for at-home reading materials


Pacific Magazine’s website is the home of popular Australian magazine titles including Marie Claire, InStyle Magazine, Men’s Health and Better Homes & Gardens. The lead up to Mother’s Day is a pivotal sales period and in preparation, their PPC and digital analytics agency Tactic Lab, commenced an experimental Google Smart Shopping Campaign to run in parallel with the existing marketing mix. Initial results were strong, with a 4-to1 return on investment, but as the gradual increases in travel and social restrictions due to COVID-19 took effect, it became clear Pacific Magazine’s expansion into Smart Shopping had come just at the right time.

“Many features of our product offering make it very relevant and useful during COVID-19. A magazine subscription is the perfect ‘contactless’ gift idea that delivers entertainment right to the subscriber’s letterbox. This swiftly opened up a whole new audience of potential customers that we were able to reach, plus new opportunities for us to service our existing customers” says Jeremy Sutton, Head of Direct Marketing for Pacific Magazines.


Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns are a separate campaign format to traditional shopping campaigns. This more recent offering from Google Ads, makes use of automated bidding options while leveraging its own AI from three additional touch points; Google’s Display Network, Gmail & Youtube Platform. The data-powered extension beyond shopping results makes it an ideal channel for businesses with successful Google Shopping campaigns that are looking for a considered way to scale and reach new audiences.

As Sutton advises, “The Smart Shopping Campaigns provide an opportunity to quickly scale our online presence and meet demand while the opportunity is there, and our Google Analytics data helps us monitor and manage performance next to the rest of our inbound marketing channels. As a result, we’re able to make swift, data-driven budget and channel decisions, something I think is crucial for anyone trying to maximise results this year.”

Tactic Lab is a full-stack digital analytics and marketing agency based in Australia. This knowledge base was developed as a resource for both our clients and anyone else wishing to improve their measurement, strategy, marketing and digital assets.

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