We are big fans of both customising and automating your reporting as much as possible so you can focus on strategy and insights.


We work with you to identify key business metrics that make sense to be monitoring and build you a customised dashboard for these. For most clients we recommend and use Google Data Studio for these but can use other dashboarding tools if needed. For detail-oriented team members, a non-dashboard approach such as Google Sheets may be more appropriate.

Channel Reporting

We create automated processes to make sure your reporting combines data from your individual channels/platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, your CRM tool etc. For most clients we use Supermetrics and Zapier to do this but some channels may require a custom approach.

Data Automation

We can transform the data you already have into something that makes sense for you. Whether it’s classifying geographic data into your sales regions or categorising your blog posts by author, there’s usually a fairly straightforward way to create custom categories and breakdowns that relate to your team and KPIs.