It’s no secret that the business of organic reach is becoming a more complex. Our news, email and social channels are saturated in content and with the monetisation of tools such as Facebook and Instagram, it is getting harder and harder to get organic content to the surface.

Looking at it from an ROI perspective (as we should be), content marketing is now at the point where a weak piece of content is often less valuable than no content at all. At Tactic Lab, we recommend that businesses reevaluate their approach to content marketing. At this point in time we should be moving focus away from tidy content schedules, and more towards quality and audience targeting.

Not sure how your content measures up? We’ve created a quick 10-step checklist for evaluating your content.

  • Has the end objective for this content been defined? E.g. what action do you want this content to inspire?
  • Who is this content speaking to? Is it clear to someone other than the author(s)?
  • Is it relevant to your audience? Don’t forget, sometimes we can target our audience based on location and other factors, so don’t be afraid to split your content up into multiple versions.
  • Have you established a way to measure its performance? E.g. Google Analytics, tracking actions etc.
  • Is it genuinely interesting, or just filling a space in your content schedule?
  • Does it add value or answer a need?
  • Does it contain an agreeable statement? Something that people can ‘like’ to agree with if they saw it on a social post?
  • Does it invite a conversation, or ask for engagement?
  • Does it suit the platform you’re on? E.g. Nobody wants your life story on Twitter, and we won’t accept crappy imagery on Instagram. Breaking up a long article into snackable posts is also a good way to give your brand pages a theme and fill up your content calendar with something worthwhile.
  • How’s your headline? They say in content-writing, the shorter the text, the harder it is to develop and we agree 100%. Headlines are very important, whether it be in emails, ads or social posts. If you are not confident with headlines or just want some inspiration, check out the PAS formula (Problem, Agitate, Solve). We also recommend A/B testing headlines to help refine your wording over time.

Now that you’re content is ready to share, check out our Top 10 Tips for Content Marketing on a Budget.