The impact of hate sites, fake news etc on the state of the world has dramatically increased compared to just a year ago. Recently, Google came under fire (and lost multiple advertisers at least temporarily) for showing ads on hate-based content on YouTube and the Google Display network.

Google has announced some expanded safeguards, however no system of safeguards is fullproof. The Google Display Network contains millions of websites some of which will be completely inappropriate to show your content on.

If you’re running ads on the Google Display Network (including remarketing campaigns) and want to tighten up your control, there are two things you can do that we thought you might find helpful:

1. Look over the site category exclusions options

For each campaign:

  1. Click the “Display Network” tab
  2. Click the red “+ Targeting” button
  3. Under “Campaign Exclusions” click the “Site Category Options” section
  4. Edit the categories – by default Google excludes Gambling but you may want to exclude everything under “Sensitive Content”

2. Manually look at YouTube videos with a high percentage of dislikes to likes

From Search Engine Land, here’s an AdWords script to help automate that. We haven’t used it but if you’re managing accounts with large spend on specific YouTube videos it’s probably worth your while.

3. Manually blacklist websites

You can do this once for all campaigns:

  1. Click the “Shared Library” left menu item
  2. Click the “Campaign placement exclusions” left menu item
  3. Click the red “+ List” button
  4. Give the list a name and paste in the sample we’ve included below (or your own)
  5. Select the list from the table, click the “Apply to Campaigns” button and apply to all your display campaigns

NEW: Google has now added a section in the Shared Library called “Account placement exclusions” which will automatically apply to all your campaigns – this makes it even easier to manage.

A list of 762 websites is below. We’ve compiled this based on (the database powering the excellent Chrome plugin B.S. Detector) and other sources. This list is not comprehensive, not all the sites below would be on the Google Display Network and of course there is a subjective element to compiling these.

But if you want to minimise the chances of showing on websites promoting hate, extremism, conspiracy theories, fake news, junk science and clickbaity satire written as fact, see the list below.