Useful links & websites

There are hundreds of websites/blogs that might be of help; here are 18 that we turn to again and again for great resources & industry updates.

  1. The complete official Google AdWords documentation
  2. The complete official Google Analytics documentation
  3. The complete official Google Tag Manager documentation
  4. The complete official Google Webmasters documentation
  5. Official Google Analytics blog: Contains latest features, case studies about the Google 360 suite including: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, Google Data Studio.
  6. Official Google AdWords blog: Contains latest features, case studies about the Google advertising ecosystem.
  7. Official Google Webmasters blog: Contains latest announcements about Google Search Console, how Google crawls, indexes and ranks websites and other SEO considerations.
  8. The Moz Blog: Everything about digital marketing with a focus on SEO, content, PR and UX.
  9. PPC Hero: Advanced AdWords and Facebook advertising tips and tricks.
  10. Simo Ahava’s blog: Advanced Google Tag Manager implementation tips and tricks.
  11. Search Engine Land: The latest news from the digital analytics & marketing space.
  12. Google Analytics dimensions & metrics explorer: A list of all the things that Google Analytics tracks and how to get insights for all of them.
  13. Komito Analytics: Free code that implements instant tracking of many common user actions (eg. file downloads, external link clicks) from within Google Tag Manager.
  14. Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on: Automated and scheduled, fully customised GA reports in your Google Sheets!
  15. Split Test Calculator: Great resource for independent verification of how well an A/B test is doing.
  16. Duracelltomi GTM Plugin: A great GTM plugin for WordPress. Will actually write the GTM code to the correct part of the page (unlike some plugins) but its best features are automatic integration with the WordPress ecosystem (eg. track post categories automatically), Contact 7 (eg. track forms automatically) and WooCommerce (eg. track all Enhanced Ecommerce actions automatically with one tickbox).
  17. Contact Form 7: Very flexible WordPress plugin for contact forms; easy integration with the above GTM plugin.
  18. Yoast SEO: Our favourite WordPress plugin for on-site SEO. They have recently moved a few features we like into the premium version (which is very good value for money) but even then their free version is great.