SMB & Startup Mentoring

Since COVID-19 has hit SMBs/startups particularly hard, we suggest you start with our free one-on-one hour workshop to deal with mitigation/growth strategies.

This program is designed for small business owners and startups who:

  • are already running their own digital marketing
  • would like regular advice to make sure what they’re already doing is in line with best practices
  • are interested in a hands-on approach and would like to expand their digital marketing skills
  • are on a budget too limited to outsource their work or to fully engage an agency

While some of what we do can be a little technical, we believe that there’s nothing magical about it and anyone with a little bit of internet experience can learn digital marketing given time and the right environment.

Our mentoring program consists of regular, spaced digital meetings where you can pick our brains about strategy, implementation, tools and best practices. We can explain concepts, give recommendations or even screen-share to show you how to do something directly in your account. Each session typically covers a range of questions/points, below are just some examples:

  • Get live feedback on what we’d improve about a Google or Facebook campaign you’ve built.
  • See a demo about how to find out the answer to a question you have about your website users’ behaviour in Google Analytics.
  • You need to outsource someone to work on your advertising or SEO but are too new to the field to know what kinds of questions you should be asking – get some advice about what would be best for your situation or get specific feedback on proposals.
  • Go over some options for tools/processes that could automate your routine digital marketing tasks, freeing up your time.

I didn’t realise what I didn’t know until I started the mentoring program with Tactic Lab! The one-on-one phone calls meant that we could go through my digital marketing in detail and get the feedback I needed. I have worked with different business coaches in the past but the mentoring with Tactic Lab got to a level of specificity that I haven’t got anywhere else – their knowledge is invaluable!

Rebecca Welsch

Owner, Welsch Photography