Privacy Policy


  • You can find our official company details on the footer of each page, including this one.



  • If we embed a 3rd party widget on a page (eg. a YouTube video or GIPHY image), for tracking purposes this is pretty much equivalent to you visiting that website directly.
  • We will flag these embeds on the page with a link below each embed.


  • If you are located in the European Economic Area, we only use a 1st party cookie implementation of Matomo and Google Analytics by default. If you’re located anywhere else, we use more services.
  • We think you are [GEOLOCATION LOADING…].
  • Either way, you can see details and edit your settings below. Drag the slider to change.
Service My setting
1st party analytics
Cross-site analytics
Creating ad audiences
Heatmapping & session recording
A/B Testing & Personalisation
Matomo Off
Google Analytics (basic) Off
Google Analytics (ad features) Off
Google Ads Pixel Off
Microsoft Ads Pixel Off
Facebook Pixel Off
Microsoft Clarity Off
Google Optimize Off
  • 1st party analytics means tracking your interactions with our website in an anonymous manner only, for your current device/browser only, either cookie-free or using cookies/identifiers only accessible to Tactic Lab.
  • Cross-site analytics means Google, Microsoft and Facebook trying to build up a profile of your browsing across websites, across multiple devices if they can. This helps us report on any ad campaigns we run and helps the ad networks optimise any ads to serve them to people more likely to convert.
  • Creating ad audiences means your actions on this website (eg. visiting a certain page) might allow us to create an ad that targets all people who have also done this action on our website on Google, Microsoft and Facebook.
  • Heatmapping and session recording means saving people’s sessions in real-time for future playback. If you fill out a form field, this will automatically be masked — nobody is able to watch you type.
  • A/B testing and personalisation means changing the content of certain pages on this website (based on either a coin flip or your previous website engagement) to see if the new content performs better.