Is there a minimum budget to work with you?

The smallest hours package is 10 hours but beyond that there’s no minimum. Typically during the free consultation we go over your digital goals with you and how many hours you’re likely to need and give recommendations about what’s realistic given the hours budget you have. We can also advise on advertising budget: not all of our clients even do paid advertising. If your budget is inadequate to achieve your goals we will let you know as early as possible so you have all the info you need to make a decision.

Can I hire you to just work on my SEO/Analytics/ads etc?

Yes – we understand that we can’t and won’t be everything to everyone! However, our ultimate aim is to be doing the work that will bring our clients the most benefit. Oftentimes someone will be seeking work in one area (eg. SEO) but some further research will reveal that their biggest pain point is another area entirely (eg. measuring the ROI of campaigns). We will advise if this is the case so you have the information to make the best use of our time.

Will you work with existing agencies/team members?

Yes – we don’t want to be reinventing the wheel with your money! During our initial sessions we will find out more about your team (both internal and external) and where it makes the most sense to deploy our skills. Our specialty is more on the technical/analytical side of things so if you’re already working with 1 or more agencies, chances are our work will supplement theirs not replace it.

What if I don't know exactly what I need yet?

That’s the first step of the forensic approach that we’ll be there to help you with. Every engagement kicks off with a cost and obligation-free consultation where we review the assets and existing strategies at play in your organisation. From there we can give you our honest recommendations around which opportunities are likely to have the biggest impact on performance.

Do you specialise in a particular industry?

No – our specialisation is in the forensic marketing approach and in our collaboration with clients we often draw on their industry experience since that’s usually more cost-effective. We’ve worked with clients in many industries including ecommerce, travel, education, hospitality, non-profit, B2B, agency, SAAS and professional services. We’ve found that even in the same industry, each client’s needs are different enough that specialising in one industry would not necessarily give the best results compared to a holistic approach.

Who owns the accounts?

We work in your existing accounts (eg. Google Ads, Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads etc) and if we set any up during the engagement this will be done on your behalf so that you have full ownership. We understand that client needs change and something that we currently run might make more sense to take in-house at some point down the line. 100% client ownership is the best way to ensure transparency and portability and it keeps our clients engaged with their marketing which we like.

Who do I pay ad spend to? Do you charge a commission on ad spend?

Because you own your ad accounts, you pay directly to each ad platform (eg. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter). You only pay for the amount you spend. We don’t charge a commission on ad spend because while we help clients with advertising, we’re not a traditional advertising agency. We use a range of solutions for client needs, advertising being just one tool in the toolbox. By not taking ad spend commission, we ensure that our incentives align with yours as much as possible (eg.if you need to reduce your ad budget we will tell you).

How does billing work?

We charge an hourly rate (pricing here). You buy a prepay bundle of hours and when you run out, you can buy another bundle and so forth. Some clients find that this works out to an approximate monthly invoice, others plan by project or by quarter, this is up to you but we can recommend something depending on your needs.

What work is billable?

Your hours balance gets used for work on your account, project management and communications like WIP meetings. A very small percentage of it gets used for projects we work on that benefit all our clients (eg. new tools), you will be notified of this. If more than one team member is in a meeting, you don’t get double-charged. Our face-to-face meetings are ad hoc so we don’t charge for travel time unless you specifically need regular on-site meetings (in which case we’ll advise). You don’t pay for any hours that we don’t end up using. Clients get a weekly summary of hours used and tasks done.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we’ve got policies covering our industry work in terms of public liability and professional indemnity.

What do all your badges mean?

You don’t need a license or special qualification to set up an agency and start running ads. While you don’t need a badge/certification to be an effective user of the tools, our certifications and/or partnerships with Facebook, Google & Microsoft are all voluntary, opt-in programs that require a level of competency and performance to be maintained in order to qualify. These programs give us direct access to new product features and support, but also give our clients confidence that we are committed to maintaining our proficiency in the platforms we manage for them.

Am I legally protected?

We insist on having a signed agreement with all clients. This protects both parties, acting as a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement as well as limiting liability on both sides. While we are not lawyers (and you should have one!), we always let our clients know if we’ve identified something about their digital assets that might put them at risk of being legally liable (eg. data privacy, copyright etc).

Is my data safe?

No data is 100% safe but we’ve seen enough damage from a lack of security to be annoyingly uptight about it. We have a range of procedures in place to keep your digital assets, logins and information safe. For more info please see our resource page about why you should change your password.