About Us

Tactic Lab is a full-stack, end-to-end digital agency based in Australia. We swim in the technical end of the marketing agency pool and exist to help our clients leverage their own data to make better marketing decisions and highlight opportunities to improve their campaigns and customer journeys.

Tactic Lab was founded in 2016 by two co-workers who wanted to scale down from the big agency model and hone in on the aspects of agency-side marketing and analytics which brought them the most joy – and their clients the best results.

Aisling and Michael lead a team of remote specialists around Australia.

Aisling Wallace is a Director and Co-founder of Tactic Lab. Since 2009, Aisling has worked on both the client and agency side of national and international organisations, helping build and/or improve their own digital analytics capabilities and strategies for better outcomes. Aisling holds an MBA, Bachelor of Commerce, as well as certifications across Tourism and the Google and Facebook advertising platforms.

Michael Fridman is also a Director and Co-founder. Michael has a programming background with a BSc/BA but escaped the dev world to work in digital marketing in 2006. Michael’s focus is advertising, SEO/websites and anything data-related. Michael has extensive experience helping domestic and international businesses scale, improve or automate their data collection, advertising etc. to drive overall business improvements.