Digital Maturity Self Assessment

Digital Maturity Self Assessment

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Take our self assessment to estimate your digital maturity.

Once you fill out the form you’ll see your results and a score, the form does not require sharing your email address.

Place yourself in the scale for each question.

Below are your self-assessment results. You can bookmark this page to return to your results, print them or . If you’d like to discuss your results or whether we can help you achieve more in the digital space, contact us for a free consultation.

Question Your Self-Assessment Score
Data Collection 1 out of a maximum of 5
Reporting 1 out of a maximum of 5
Decision Making 1 out of a maximum of 5
Website 1 out of a maximum of 5
CRM/Automation 1 out of a maximum of 5
Other Assets and Content 1 out of a maximum of 5
SEO 1 out of a maximum of 5
Organic Social 1 out of a maximum of 5
Email 1 out of a maximum of 5
Search 1 out of a maximum of 5
Display/Social 1 out of a maximum of 5
Offline 1 out of a maximum of 5
TOTAL 12 out of a maximum of 60
You chose: 1
1 - I don't collect any systematic data on my digital assets and customers/users.
5 - I collect all relevant and appropriate data on my digital assets and customers/users.
You chose: 1
1 - I don't perform any systematic reporting, only using manual, qualitative feedback.
5 - Each team member has access to reporting that's actionable & appropriate to their level that is as automated as possible and combines quantitative & qualitative information.
You chose: 1
1 - Decisions are driven by gut instinct, internal discussion and stakeholder pressure. Once a decision is made it is implemented once and for all.
5 - Decisions are heavily data-driven with appropriate analysis. Major decisions are executed with a rollback plan and validated through A/B testing or KPI monitoring.
You chose: 1
1 - I have a very basic website that works more as a focus point for people who are already customers than as a tool for convincing people to become customers.
5 - My website contains a clear information architecture, navigational elements and calls to action to effectively communicate my USPs and why people should become customers.
You chose: 1
1 - I don't use a CRM or automation and do everything manually.
5 - My CRM is integrated with my website and serves as the central hub for customer communications. I use automation to free up my time for the good stuff.
You chose: 1
1 - My only content lives on the website and it's primarily text.
5 - I have an array of image, video and/or interactive content to be deployed both reactively (eg. when a campaign requires it) and proactively (eg. using content to drive new opportunities).
You chose: 1
1 - My website isn't optimised for SEO and I'm not engaging in proactive off-site outreach. All of my SEO traffic is branded but it's not a channel for acquiring new customers.
5 - My website has been optimised with the basics and I am constantly improving it. I'm engaging in off-site outreach. SEO forms a major channel for how prospective customers discover me.
You chose: 1
1 - I am dependent on rented assets (eg. external websites/social networks) for my content and most activities that bring value to my business happen there.
5 - I am on all the rented (eg. social media) platforms that I need to be and no more. I have an organised content calendar to maximise engagement but strive to give as much benefit to my owned assets (eg. my website).
You chose: 1
1 - I don't send emails or send them ad hoc.
5 - I have an organised engagement schedule that includes seasonality, the customer life cycle and the appropriate level of automation.
You chose: 1
1 - I don't do search advertising / I run a basic account with a handful of keywords in one ad group.
5 - My search account targets all the necessary searches for my core customer acquisition purposes and has been optimised for great ROI. I am also regularly looking for more opportunities outside of the main funnel.
You chose: 1
1 - I don't do display/social advertising / I only do ad hoc boosts of relevant social posts.
5 - I've defined audiences for my customers' life cycle & show each audience the most relevant message without tiring them out. My campaign goals are ROI-based (up to and including not running these ads at all if the ROI doesn't make sense).
You chose: 1
1 - I don't have organised campaigns and rely only on word of mouth for driving offline leads to my business.
5 - My offline campaigns follow a plan to maximise word of mouth/referrals and include a relevant proactive element. I know the ROI of my major offline initiatives.

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