Pro Bono Program

Very few charities in Australia are making use of the full scope of digital analytics & marketing options that are being utilised in the commercial sector. Improving your digital assets usually has a very high ROI in terms of donations, non-commercial engagement and charity branding. Most charities are stuck in a catch-22, not having the expertise and budget to clear the initial hurdle of getting the fundamentals right.

To help with this problem, we’re offering approx $17,500 worth of consulting (100 hours) each financial year to a range of selected charities. Our pro bono program will be customised to fit the selected charity partner’s needs but can include any of our services.

The team at Tactic Lab combined an impressive depth of technical knowledge with an intelligent sensitivity to our organisation’s strengths and opportunities. Their proactive approach to needs analysis means that their strategy was complementary to our existing skills and resources, as well as being ambitious enough to show us how we could shoot for the stars.

Lyndal Howison, National Manager – Marketing, JDRF Australia

Our not-for-profit experience includes:

  • The education, global health/poverty, human rights, environment and medical sectors.
  • Working to track and maximise one-off and recurring donations.
  • Working to set up and implement the Google Grant ($10,000 of free advertising per month from Google).
  • Working to improve ROI of paid ad campaigns.
  • Improving digital assets to be more in line with the non profit’s mission and brand guidelines.

Charity requirements:

The list below is to increase the chances that any pro bono work done will actually drive benefit to the charity’s digital channels and to its overall mission.

  • Stakeholders at the charity should be open to data-driven change and optimisation around their digital assets (website, marketing channels etc).
  • These digital assets should be relatively easy to update/edit. If for example a charity has an old, outdated website and is holding off initiatives because of this, that would not be the best time for us to do any projects.
  • Most importantly, the charity should to have enough in-house time to liaise with us on a regular basis and implement our recommendations. There does not need to be any technical expertise, however charities that are very time-strapped or are likely to hit periods where they will not be able to move forward with the project for weeks or months at a time are not a good fit.

Application is not a long process, we can generally to determine suitability after a few brief discovery sessions.