Visibility and accuracy are the first fundamental steps towards our forensic marketing approach at Tactic Lab.


Most new clients kick off with an audit and spring clean of their website analytics, which includes an up-to-date review of tracking activity and stakeholder needs. We determine the most important data to ensure valuable business intelligence reaches the right people, with enough time and clarity to be acted on.

Measurement Plan

We work with you to define the KPIs most relevant to your organisation. This includes an audit to make sure the data you are planning to collect is likely to be accurate, meaningful and actionable.


We work with you, your IT/developers and third parties to implement your measurement plan. For most clients we recommend and focus on Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, but we always tailor the solution to client needs and typically implement other tools/services such as Facebook Pixel, Google Ads tracking, Microsoft Ads tracking, Hubspot Analytics etc, all customised to your business needs.


As websites mature, analytics tracking can become messy, heavy and outdated. The end result can often mean misleading information showing up in reports that the business relies on. By integrating our work into your development pipeline, we can ensure that as features get added/removed this is reflected in your tracking. We also use a range of internal tools to monitor your data for any large changes that may be the unforeseen result of new changes.


We work with you and (where applicable) your legal team to advise on the tracking policy that will best balance your specific business needs and user privacy concerns. We then make sure that the website setup follows your business policy and that your public documents describe this policy accurately for your visitors.