Multi-brand F&B venue leverages advanced ad scheduling

Multi-brand F&B venue leverages advanced ad scheduling


  • Let each F&B brand reach the most relevant customers
  • Promote the most relevant products based on time of day
  • Provide affordable method of cross-selling venues to patrons
  • Utilise the overall venue to its full capacity throughout the day/night


  • 21% reduction in Cost-Per-Click
  • 18% reduction in Cost-Per-Conversion
  • 34% increase in Madame Hanoi bookings
  • 54% lift in What’s On traffic


SkyCity Adelaide, South Australia’s premiere entertainment destination located in Adelaide’s historic Railway Station building. It boasts eight restaurants and bars with more in the pipeline as part of a multi-million dollar expansion scheduled for late 2020.

The size of the venue with its multiple F&B brands and varied operating hours means that the digital advertising strategy needs to find a way to speak to each audience with a relevant message. As Greg Stirling, General Manager – Marketing explains, “SkyCity Adelaide prides itself on having something for everyone, but in terms of how that translates to day-to-day marketing strategies, it means we have to be hyper-targeted to make sure brand messages are reaching the most relevant audiences.”


Tactic Lab worked with the SkyCity marketing team to define the audience personas and attributes of each F&B brand. The audience targeting was overlaid with the combined list of venue opening hours to further customise ad copy, ensuring that each audience also received the most relevant message based on the venue’s offering at different times of the day.

As Stirling explains, “Time of day is really important for us. Take Madame Hanoi, our Vietnamese fusion restaurant as just one example: great coffee in the morning on your way to work, quick and easy lunch options, exciting evening dining, tailored menu for patrons in the city for a theater show, the best espresso martini in Adelaide, and a unique high tea on the weekends. Scheduled ads are simply a must-have if we want to cut through with the right message at the right time, especially as our portfolio expands even further in 2020.”

Each venue’s target audience was also cross-referenced with the other venues on the property to identify overlaps. With these shared audiences defined in Google Ads, SkyCity had the extra option to increase value by cross-selling audiences into other relevant brands based on opening hours, special events and offers. As well as being more useful to customers, this specific messaging resulted in a 21% reduction in cost per click and 18% reduction in cost per conversion.

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