Professional association uses Google responsive display+discovery ads to promote multiple events at scale

Professional association uses Google responsive display+discovery ads to promote multiple events at scale


To promote specific Tax Institute events to the Institute’s key audiences across multiple online placements.


677% incremental Google Ads click increase over the last 6 months.


The Tax Institute is a professional association dedicated to helping the careers of tax professionals as well as people whose roles require a working knowledge of Australian tax. As part of its commitment to its members’ professional development, as well as for public outreach, the Institute runs a large number of events, both local and national, as well as providing both in-person and online programming.

Because of the large scale of events, the frequency of new events as well as event adjustments and the number of teams and departments involved, creating the relevant Google Ads inventory (for example in terms of dedicated display banners) was not practical at scale. Some events might be local and hence only posted without a large lead time. It was also not feasible for all Institute staff involved to implement an additional series of steps for each event to be promoted using Google Ads, however having the core audiences be aware of the wide variety of events was going to beneficial, especially if each event could be covered.


Google’s Responsive Display and Discovery ads were an ideal candidate for allowing the ads to be created directly from each landing page, without needing to get input from the Institute’s team members (with the exception of the flagship events). The pages included:

  • A hero image, which could quickly and easily be re-cropped into the sizes required for responsive and discovery ads.
  • Event copy, which could be transferred to the relevant dynamic headlines and descriptions in each ad.
  • Event details, which could be used to schedule for ads to be turned off when registrations closed.

Before these steps were implemented, the only main Google Ads traffic was search campaigns, which were limited due to each event being quite niche and not having substantial search volume (plus potential attendees would need to be aware of the event to search for it).

Once the above steps were taken, The Tax Institute was still able to answer online searches for events, but also proactively market events to new and existing audiences. The traffic volume of events grew substantially, to the extent that in the last 6 months there was a 677% increase compared to the existing ads alone.

Senior Marketing Manager Russell Mort is an advocate for automation and explains:

The Tax Institute works very hard to maintain a strong line-up of industry events each year for members and non-members affected by our industry. It’s been a great success for the business to semi-automate and scale this marketing function and get the word out around our exciting events schedule.

Russell Mort, The Tax Institute

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