Sydney Private School Pivots To Digital During Pandemic

Sydney Private School Pivots To Digital During Pandemic


  • Provide continuity for inbound lead funnels for the 2021-2022 school year
  • Stay connected with the school community
  • Increase online visibility in the Northern Beaches
  • Keep cost per click and acquisition (CPC & CPC low)


  • 66% increase in Conversion Rate
  • Reduced Cost per Acquisition by 39%
  • 26% increase in click through rate
  • Reduced cost per click (CPC) by 11%


The Sydney Japanese International School (SJIS) is a private International school based in Terrey Hills in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The school runs a unique dual language program offering education in both languages and curriculums (Japanese and Australian).

When COVID-19 restrictions took effect, SJIS had to adapt their marketing mix and pivot their onboarding approach in order to stay connected to local and international families.

“The timing was unfortunately right in the middle of our peak enrolment period so we had to move quickly. We were lucky that we already had a digital advertising framework to lean on, but there was still a lot of unchartered territory to work through” says Linda Jordan, Enrolment Marketing Officer, SJIS.


SJIS worked with Tactic Lab to roll out a series of quick but effective changes across their marketing assets, shifting focus and budgets to digital tools and platforms that could work around local marketing challenges.


The school’s first action was to set up a COVID updates page on their website to serve as a reference point, for parents and students to keep up to date on the schools’ response. They also implemented an overlay bar at the top of each page that featured a link to the COVID updates page for ease of access.


The school dialled up the budgets on existing digital advertising campaigns, including an advanced geo-targeting strategy which promotes ads to users when they are located along the primary bus routes for the school on the Facebook Ads platform.

“With traditional outdoor marketing not getting the exposure we hoped, geo-targeted ads were a really cost-effective way for us to reach relevant families in our community during the lockdown period.”


Maintaining advertising allowed the school to keep generating enrolment enquiries. The school hosted its first Virtual Open Day via Zoom during the pandemic, welcoming families from all over Australia, but also, a number of international families who wouldn’t have been able to attend the open days in their previous, in-person only format.


As the health situation in NSW further developed, the school began to post regular updates across Google My Business, their Social Media, and COVID Resources page throughout to keep the schools parents and wider community updated.

As Jordan concludes “Initially, we made these pivots to digital to maintain our existing audience and standards of communication, but in so many ways have become even more connected than before and managed to reach new families across the globe which has been great.”

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