Using Google Tag Manager to fast-track UX improvements

Using Google Tag Manager to fast-track UX improvements


  • Improve the look of the “find a lawyer” app opening screen without doing a web app development cycle.
  • Improve the percentage of the public who go on to the next step of the app.


  • Updated the opening screen
  • Increased users who flow onto the next step by 20% during a public outreach campaign


In addition to its services to SA legal practitioners, the Law Society of South Australia (LSSA) has a public lawyer referral service ( This is a web app that lets people find a qualified South Australian practitioner based on their legal needs.

The Society was running an advertising campaign to the web app to raise South Australians’ awareness of the need to use qualified lawyers for legal queries. However, there was limited budget and timeframe for improvements to the web app, and people who did reach the app, were not getting very far after arriving.


Google Analytics and Google Data Studio were used to visualise the funnel of people stepping through the app. It was identified that the biggest dropoff was the first step, which required people to select an area of law based on language not readily understood by the layperson.

Although not recommended for a standard development cycle, because of time and budget constraints in making changes to the web app itself. Google Tag Manager was used to dynamically add explanatory text to each area of law as it loads in a user’s browser, making it easier for people to know what to click.

“Tactic Lab helped us to identify how the app’s functionality could be improved using data-driven insights and turned around the actual changes without us requiring a developer. This meant not only improving the results from the campaign but that any budget that would have had to go to the developer could instead be earmarked for a more major refresh of the web app.” – Michael Esposito, The Law Society of South Australia

This increased the rate of people proceeding to the next step by a relative 20.4%, improving the effectiveness of the public outreach campaign.

The interim structure was also ready and waiting when law firms across SA started to feel the impacts of Covid-19. The Law Society responded with another public awareness campaign to drive more enquiries to the SA law firms. This time focussed on the most common legal enquiries surrounding Covid-19 including those around employment, tenancy and contract law.

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