Optimisation & Testing

Making website changes based on gut feel or internal consensus is a risky way to predict what your customers need. We always recommend against such an approach and strive to make use of data and tools to reduce the risk that website changes have negative effects, and increase the rewards for positive changes. The services below are highly collaborative and usually involve a lot of interaction with your different team members.

Analysis & Recommendations

We use in-depth analysis of your Google Analytics data to answer your high-level business questions. We can also engage in an unguided analysis: in our experience all accounts have plenty of data to suggest actions to improve your ROI. This can range from seeing what sections of your website contribute the most to conversions to how well your marketing channels are working together to segmenting your visitors into specific persona buckets.

A/B Testing & Personalisation

From using your analytics data to identifying pain points to generating a hypothesis and running a test/personalisation experience to identifying followup tests, we can take you through the process end-to-end. We usually use and recommend Google Optimize but such projects can involve any tool that’s most suitable for your website.