Our Approach

Choosing a Digital Partner

We encourage anyone considering a new analytics and/or advertising partnership to consider the broader scope of factors that define which partner is a good fit for you:

  • Expertise – Of the company and its team. How much experience, certifications and knowledge do they have in the tools and platforms you use?
  • Experience in similar projects / platforms – It can save valuable time to leverage an agency’s experience with similar projects.
  • Flexibility – How agile is the engagement model? Can it accommodate curve balls and new opportunities easily?
  • Longevity – Who owns all the new assets about to be built? Are they yours to keep or would you have to hand them back if you wanted to move on?
  • Core values – The experts say you should never hire yourself, but you should still be in sync with how each party values and approaches core elements of the partnership.

Our Approach

Forensic Marketing best describes the approach at Tactic Lab. We crunch the numbers before, during and after we jump.

We’re a full-stack digital analytics and marketing agency, but our project will always lead back to analytics and leveraging the more technical features of each marketing platform. We’re on the techy end of the digital agency landscape and we find that leaves our clients free to do more of the fun stuff.

We integrate seamlessly with your team (or clients) to make sure our collective strengths are fully leveraged and love to upskill teams as we go. On top of our training options, we insist on 100% client campaign/account ownership and take no commission on ad spend, so your business can build its independence and benefit from new tools and skills now, and in the long-term.


We can deliver our expertise via strategy & audit projects, consulting & implementation, and flexible training programs.

These are the core consulting packages that make the most sense for the majority of our clients, but reach out and let us know if you’d like to explore something different.

All our packages feature:

  • Full client ownership and 24/7 access to all accounts, campaigns and dashboards
  • No commissions on ad spends or platforms
  • Work carried out by experienced professionals with relevant certifications at the company and individual level
  • Agile and fluid access to our scope of expertise to keep your projects moving
  • Freedom to grow and go, with no minimum terms and a 30 day, hassle-free notice period

Tactic Lab are committed to meeting industry and platform best-practice standards and upholding an ongoing programme of learning and development via voluntary commitments to the Google Partner Program, Facebook Partner Program, Microsoft Advertising Agency Program, R&D and pro-bono charity projects.





Suitable For

  • Teams looking for a clear starting point for optimising their digital analytics assets, processes and performance.
  • Those who need new assets and/or capabilities built as a first priority but don’t yet have a clear or accurate map of the foundation digital assets required. E.g. ensuring the accuracy of an analytics account before launching new ad campaigns.
  • Agencies who need to assess the accuracy of a client’s analytics setup in order to set and meet KPIs.


An initial 6 week project designed to make focus on assessing and progressing through the required ‘setup’ tasks.

Gives you a deeper understanding of your digital assets and opportunities as well as a sense of our approach.

Includes documenting your measurement and campaign architectures, required initial audits, stakeholder consultation.


  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Measurement Plan
  • Customised Roadmap


$3,000 flat rate with checkpoint review sessions at 3 weeks and 6 weeks.

Who Do We Work With?

In-House Marketing Teams

We make a point to identify the skills make-up of your existing team and our collaborative approach means you can utilise our services to meet your current deadlines, while proactively planning for internal upskilling and development. Whether you’re looking to outsource, or gradually build up in-house capability, Tactic Lab’s transparent, client-owned approach and training offerings can deliver a practical solution to your short and long-term needs.

As a growing start-up in the tech space, keeping a close eye on the performance of our digital marketing budgets is vital. Tactic Lab take the time to understand our business and where our biggest opportunities are. Working together with them across our advertising and analytics, we have visibility across all of our standard and experimental channels, giving us the opportunity to try out new tactics while maintaining a focus on ROI.

Marko Njavro

Co-Founder, FlexCareers

In-House Analytics Teams

Our analytics team are experienced in developing more comprehensive measurement architectures utilising advanced features of Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and similar tools. We can provide dedicated support for analytics managers and team members looking to upgrade their digital analytics setup, or simply for peer review, troubleshooting support and continuous learning opportunities.

Agencies, Developers and Freelancers/Consultants

We value agency partnerships and have proven success working in both client-facing and white label capacities. We can offer training, audits and implementation for client projects, or act as technical and peer review support for your in-house team.

Regardless of whether your agency offers digital marketing as its main service, clients are increasingly needing their agencies and partners to demonstrate the digital impact of campaigns and content. We can help establish visibility and streamlined reporting across various touch points and be as involved as you need when it comes to recommendations and implementation for improvements.

White labelling can simplify the communication around complex projects and help raise the overall understanding of your internal team while they collaborate on various tasks.

Tactic Lab help us bring visibility to the value and hard work we do for our clients through their analytics and reporting expertise. Having them on hand as technical and strategic experts also helps us keep momentum on projects and dedicate more time to the areas where we can drive the most impact. Having the ability to manage a project from end to end with their help has opened up exciting opportunities with new and existing clients in our portfolio. We can confidently add Tactic Lab to any conversation and know that they will go the extra mile to help us find the best solution for our client’s needs.

Melanie Sparke

Social Media Manager, Mahlab

Small Business Owners

We have a mentoring program suitable for owners wanting to take an active role in their digital growth, contact us to see if you’d be suitable. We also recommend you make use of the Australian Government’s business experts directory which provides subsidised consulting for small business in areas including digital marketing.

I didn’t realise what I didn’t know until I started the mentoring program with Tactic Lab! The one-on-one phone calls meant that we could go through my digital marketing in detail and get the feedback I needed. I have worked with different business coaches in the past but the mentoring with Tactic Lab got to a level of specificity that I haven’t got anywhere else – their knowledge is invaluable!

Rebecca Welsch

Owner, Welsch Photography