SEO & Social

Running social and SEO campaigns is in our opinion the aspect of digital marketing that requires the most input from the client and is often intrinsically hard to hand over to 3rd parties who are unlikely to have the full context, brand knowledge and resources that the brand’s team members will have. As a result, at Tactic Lab, we prefer a strongly collaborative approach, combining implementation with consulting and training to empower your team.


We help validate your existing or new content/SEO strategy in terms of how well of a fit it is for your potential customers, based on your analytics and customer data as well as any relevant third party research.

Technical/On-site SEO

We help map out your website’s architecture to maximise SEO value and implement the technical parts of SEO from meta titles to redirects, canonical tags, robots directives, settings in Google Search Console etc. We like to focus on conversions since for most clients, just getting traffic from SEO is not an end in itself.

Content & Off-site SEO

We advise your team about how to leverage your existing content strategy to maximise your chance of improved SEO, higher rankings and higher conversions. This can include liaising with your in-house and external content marketers, PR specialists and marketing executives to strategically create the right content and promote it where it will have most value. We also undertake research about content gaps on your website and what new content is likely to bring you more traffic & conversions.

Social Best Practice

We undertake an analysis of your current organic social content to bring some quantitative answers to the question of what types of posts perform the best and how to maximise their chance of performance. We also advise about what best practices to follow to improve engagement on the social platforms you’re on.