Strategy & Audits

Has it been a while since someone reviewed your digital setup?
Launching a new product, service or website?
Just arrived in a new role and need clarity about your assets?

We can take a look at each platform in detail and give you our independent assessment and recommendations.

When taking on new teams and strategies without the luxury of a detailed handover, it can be tempting to start from scratch rather than try to understand the history of pre-existing resources. In the areas of digital analytics and advertising though, the threat of losing accumulated historical insights and account maturity often outweighs the benefit of a fresh start. For example, too many website refreshes start “afresh” and end up losing traffic and conversions.

Our detailed audits can include looking at the setup and performance of accounts and strategies, and cover a range of digital assets including websites, social and advertising accounts, analytics platforms and data sets. Once our recommendations have been developed, we can often help with most aspects of the action plan, maintaining momentum so you can focus on driving the strategy.

We can also provide a data-driven check on a new digital strategy, using existing data to help with your decision-making.

Working as a strategic marketing director and consultant, being able to call on Tactic Lab’s technical expertise when I land at a new business is a great way for me to get a quick and accurate picture of what assets I have at my disposal, and how to prioritise my client’s digital opportunities to get results.

Branwen Morgan

General Manager, Ausgem, University of Technology Sydney