Website Migration & Refresh

If you’re reading this, it may be too late!

With website refresh, rebuild or migration projects we’ve seen plenty of cases of stakeholders forgetting something important (or a task falling through the cracks) leading to lost traffic, data visibility and revenue. To avoid this, we recommend appointing someone to focus on ensuring a successful migration right from the outset, so that all the moving parts can be considered and planned for. While no refresh is risk-free, planning this in advance will give you the best chance of everything going smoothly.

Website Migration

We review the SEO implications of your migration (whether you’re changing servers, URLs, subdomains or even your main domain name). If redirects are needed, we can create and test them. We will also ensure tracking and usage data remains continuous and all third party content (eg. ads pointing to the website) stay error-free.

When my business expanded, I wanted to know if migrating from my domain to .com would be a good move. Tactic Lab helped me research the implications across SEO, traffic and conversion rates and then assisted me with a smooth and successful migration. They knew all the things to look out for and the move ended up expanding the reach of my website content to new customers around the world.

Ashlee Galea

Founder, The Hawaii Admirer

Website Refresh

We always recommend an analysis of your old website to see where it’s performing well and where it’s lagging. This puts discussions about what needs to change on the new website on a factual footing. Changing menus and architecture can have a big impact on your organic rankings and website usability. We will look at the SEO implications: a refresh often includes large-scale changes in content but many iterations of changes will reduce traffic and conversions. Finally, when the refresh is ready for implementation we perform the same steps as we would for a website migration.

Refreshing our multi-lingual website was a complex project. We first tasked Tactic Lab with an analysis of the existing website’s performance, then together we balanced the UX insights with best-practice and stakeholder feedback to create a new and improved architecture. Our website is well-established with lots of history and backlinks across the web which send us important website traffic that we didn’t want to be interrupted by the changes. Tactic Lab helped us migrate this SEO collateral and traffic to the new website so we could relaunch without any setbacks, and our website has enjoyed improvements across the board ever since.

Linda Jordan

Marketing Officer, Sydney Japanese International School