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GA4 BigQuery Cost Estimate Calculator

To get the most out of GA4, you should be using BigQuery.

BigQuery is a tool that allows you to store and run analyses on large datasets without sampling, and with more control than you have inside the Google Analytics 4 interface. BigQuery has been around for a long time, but for many marketers the addition of GA4 is their first time using it.

BigQuery is a paid product, but it has very generous free quotas and even if you do surpass the quotas, the costs are a lot less than you might think. We’ve created a calculator to help you estimate your storage costs so you can see for yourself.

To use the calculator, just update the inputs and your results will automatically update in the table below. To save your results, use the Print to PDF button at the end of the article. The calculator is only an estimate but we’re trying to lean on the conservative side if anything to over-estimate rather than under-estimate your cost.

Note that this calculator is only about storage costs, there might also be query costs that depend on how much analysis you’re doing. The full breakdown is on this Google page.

    How many events have you collected so far?
    (You can get this in the GA4 interface by looking at your total event count)

    How many events have you collected yesterday?
    (You can get this in the same way by changing the date range)

    What is the size of your BigQuery table, in KB?
    (You can get this from this Google Cloud metrics explorer report, just make sure that the right project is selected.
    If you're not sure, leave blank.)


    Your actual costs might be different for these reasons:

    • If you are sending a lot of data with each event (eg. heavy ecommerce hits), each event might take more than the 1KB we’ve conservatively estimated. You can update the third field with your current dataset size to get a more accurate estimate.
    • In many world regions, the cost per GB is 2.0c not 2.3c so your actual costs may be cheaper than the above.
    • Long-term storage (tables that haven’t been modified in over 90 days) is almost half price. Because Google Analytics creates a new table for each day of data, you might be paying full price only for the last 90 days of storage.

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