Keeping track of your marketing spend: free budget tracker

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Keeping track of your marketing spend: free budget tracker

Each year the range of self-serve, paid ad platforms grows. With variety, also comes an additional level of complexity in terms of tracking and managing your ad spend.

Logging into each specific platform to get an update on its current spend and to see if you need to adjust budgets can become a time sink when performed a few times a week. However, with the use of Google Sheets and your chosen data source (we use Supermetrics), you can create a simple way to check all your campaign spends in one place and keep them on track.

We have put together a simple budget tracker template that can be used for tracking multiple digital channels, such as Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Microsoft Ads. Our template is set up for Google Ads, Bing and Facebook, but others can be added.

The template includes:

  • timeframe vs. budget tracking
  • recent spend activity
  • budget adjustment calculator

The template is currently formatted to use daily updated data through the google sheets Supermetrics for Google Sheets add-on. You will require a Supermetrics subscription in order to use the template.

Click here to get the template


  • To copy the template to your Google Drive, go to file, then ‘Make a Copy’. This will allow you to save the template in a designated folder in your Google Drive account.
  • When creating your supermetrics queries, open up the supermetrics launcher to add a new query to match the same format as the placeholder tabs. The spend column formulas will then need to be adjusted to use the name of the new tabs for each channel.
  • In order to add new ad platforms, you will need to (A) create a new tab for the new query, (B) create a new query in the Supermetrics add-on for that tab, (C) create new rows in the “Paid Channel – Budget Tracker” tab and (D) adjust the sheet names in the formulas in this new row to match your new query tab.

Tactic Lab is a full-stack digital analytics and marketing agency based in Australia. This knowledge base was developed as a resource for both our clients and anyone else wishing to improve their measurement, strategy, marketing and digital assets.

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